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VINTAGE Medium Jadeite Green Jade Bangle Size 59mm G85

VINTAGE Medium Jadeite Green Jade Bangle Size 59mm G85

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Vintage jadeite jade bangle, No cracks.

Originally purchased in Saudi Arabia gold market, well-made jade. Never worn or used.
gorgeous lavender jade bangle in a small size

     Inner diameter: 59 mm  
                 Width:15 mm         
          Thickness:  8 mm

If you don’t see your size please message us, we will most likely have what you are looking for.
All of our jade bangles were purchased from the Middle East Souk gold market, originated from Burma.

Wear these ‘stone of heaven’ to bring prosperity while protecting yourself and your loved ones from negative energy.

* Improves and enhance Clarity
* Instills feelings of harmony, benevolence and generosity
* Helps wearer increases wisdom and intuition

There are no cracks or stone lines, texture is smooth and fine. There are some darker green lines on the bangles but not structural defects or lines.

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